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Don't get rid of that old boiler just yet!

Don't get rid of that old boiler just yet!

We have seen a recent increase in people asking us to quote for a new boiler when their current one just needs some simple maintenance.

  • Older boilers are less complicated than their modern counterparts which make them more reliable, easier to fix and easier to service.
  • It is true newer boilers are more efficient than the older ones, offering a saving on your running costs of typically £250-300 per year, however when you take into account the install cost of between £2500-£3000 you can see that it can be more cost effective to keep the older boiler running.
  • Also much of the time it is nothing to do with the boiler and the problem it is down to a poorly designed system.  If a new boiler is fitted onto a bad system then it will fail very quickly and more than likely need replacing within 5 years.
  • In many cases we have re-designed the system with the current boiler in place, with a view that when that boiler needs replacing then the new boiler will be fitted to a "clean" system.  Often working in this way we have extended the life of the older boiler by 10 years or more.   
  • Obviously we will happily fit you a new boiler but simply changing a boiler due to age makes no financial sense. 

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